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Intermediate Class @ 3Sixty

  • 3Sixty Powerhouse 7312 Cherokee Plaza Warr Acres, OK 73132 United States (map)

It’s elective month! Let’s kick it off with some dance games, get creative with your dancing and have fun! Nevermore Challenge - Rule #1: Nevermore shall you stop dancing! From there who knows what crazy rules you might get and what silliness might result!

Parameters - Followers and leads will each be given aspects of their dance to change and emphasize but its a secret! We’ll dance it out and discuss how it felt different for your partner. You’ll be surprised how small elements can change your dance immensely!

Do it Purple! - Each couple will pick a basic lindy move and everyone else will shout out style additions. “Do it with a clap!” “Do it extra smooth!” “Do it purple!” You might be surprised how people interpret!

If…Then… - One role will be given a conditional rule “If your follow swivels, you must then lead a hold!” “Everytime your lead leads a free turn, you must raise your left hand!” Dance it out and see if your partner catches on!

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